2014-02-25 - embedded world 2014 (February 25th-27th), Nuremberg, Germany

N.A.T. presents at embedded world 2014

N.A.T. invites you to the 2014 embedded world in Nuremberg, Germany held at the Messezentrum from February 25th to 27th.

Discover with N.A.T. the new opportunities for embedded industrial applications utilizing the international industrial standard MicroTCA.

N.A.T.’s most recent solutions for industrial embedded market, based on Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC) and MicroTCA systems, are exhibited at embedded world 2014 at stands 1/1-618 (GE), 4A/4A-210 (Freescale), 4A/4A-302 (Elma), 4/4-338 (iSyst) and 4/4-351 (Schroff).

The solutions are built around N.A.T. processor AMCs which are based on Freescale™ low-power PowerQUICC® III  and QorIQ® family of processors. Ranging from single-core MPC8569 over cost efficient multi-core P2040/P2041 and mid-range  P3041 to high performance, P4080 and P5020 all PrAMCs offer various Ethernet interfaces at 1/10GbE, SATA, PCIexpress and SerialRapidIO connectivity. The solutions are completed by N.A.T. AMCs providing Blackfin DSPs, A/D convertors and an AMC carrier for PMC modules.

Being a member of Freescale Connect Program N.A.T. are  showcasing a complete communication solution in a 1U 19“ MicroTCA chassis with a selection of AMC modules based on Freescale CPUs on the Freescale stand 4A/4A-210.

At the GE stand 1/1-618 N.A.T. demonstrate how easily COMexpress modules can be integrated in MicroTCA systems.

As a next step, at stand 4/4-351 Schroff display in their MTCA.4 systems, how the NAT-MCH combined with a Core-i7 saves additional slots for input/output boards.

Together with our partner DESY, Elma present a life demo at stand 4A/4A-302 using the NAT-MCH-PHYS management and switching module in an Elma MicroTCA.4 system.

At the E4Y community stand 4/4-338 iSyst is displaying an engine test-bench based on a 1U 19“ MicroTCA system utilizing an NAT-MCH with PCIexpress generation 3.

For an overview on our AMC and MicroTCA technology, please download our MTCA Concept.