2014-12-01 - Embedded Software Engineering Congress

The Embedded Software Engineering Congress is a joint event of MicroConsult and ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS. It is the only German-language convention that focuses exclusively and extensively on the manifold issues and challenges with respect to the development of device and system software for industrial applications, automotive engineering, automation, drives, measurement systems, communication systems as well as consumer electronics and medical devices.

This year, the Advisory Council has put together a program from more than 220 abstracts that were submitted in the Call for Papers process. The program comprises 16 compact seminars, 26 tracks and more than 100 presentations. It covers current findings, principles, methods and tools of modern software engineering as well as current trends in embedded software engineering, like multicore, embedded security, the Internet of Things or agile methods.

Please click here for the complete agenda (German only): www.ese-kongress.de/kongress/programm.php

N.A.T. is member of the Embedded4You organization, who is official event partner of the ESE congress. Overall 11 members of E4Y will be represented at the congress.

N.A.T. presents in cooperation with iSyst the ISyTester. The iSyTester is a realtime test platform, which allows automatic test sequences via Python. It is controlled and visualized by a touchscreen using the graphical user interface XiBase9 of XiSys GmbH. The system is based on the MicroTCA platform of N.A.T. and connected via the iSyst signal conditioning hardware to the product unter test. iSyTester can be controlled by iTestStudio.

For more information please visit www.ese-kongress.de.