2015-03-02 - Mobile World Congress - MWC, (March 2nd - 5th), Barcelona, Spain

N.A.T.: new opportunities for wireless and fixed line applications

Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona, Spain

Visit N.A.T. at booth 6B40, hall 6 at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (March 2nd to 5th, 2015).

Discover with N.A.T. the new opportunities for wireless and fixed line applications by building a communication solution based around the de facto standard MicroTCA.

Visiting our booth (Floor Card) you will find three application examples based on N.A.T. building blocks:

Fixed Line Application:

  • Large Business Conference System for service providers
  • MicroTCA (customized chassis) + DSP + Network Processors integrated in IP, E1, STM1/4 networks
  • N.A.T. partner Lindenbaum will be presenting “Reservationless Web & Audio Conference” also at the Unify booth CS145 in Hall Congress Square

Mobile Communication Architecture:
  • SDR - Software Defined Radio
  • Enabling wireless technology for Green IT, supporting multiple radio standards in a flexible and energy efficient manner
  • Replaces special and expensive analogue hardware by FPGAs, DSPs and 'general purpose processors' (GPPs) in MicroTCA (NATIVE-C2, 2U chassis)
  • Visit N.A.T. partner Heinrich-Hertz-Institute also in hall 7, booth G31

Network Application
  • SDN - Software-Defined Networking
  • Network administrators can manage network services through abstraction of lower-level functionality
  • MicroTCA (NATIVE-mini) + Multicore-Communication in IP, E1, SDH networks

N.A.T. satisfies your requirements such as
  • Implementing standard and customized serial protocols
  • Increasing performance but decreasing power by adding sophisticated multicore processing up to 8 cores per slot
  • Increasing scalability through easy to use I/O and processing building blocks at smallest foot print
  • Fast and low latency switching

N.A.T. turn-key systems as well as special board level solutions help you to generate, distribute and analyze very efficiently an enormous data traffic by state-of-the-art technology.

  NAT MWC 2015 FloorCard

Click here to download Floor Card.

NAT MWC 2015 FloorCard

Please schedule your communication slot in Barcelona with Heiko Körte, (Director of Sales and Marketing) or Vollrath Dirksen (Strategic Business Development Manager) or Terry Manus (Business Development Manager North America) by e-mail to bettina.bilogan(at)nateurope.com or call +49 228 965 864 0.

Join N.A.T. at booth 6B40 presenting these unique communication solutions based on FPGA, DSP and multicore communication processors.