2017-10-10 - 13th Industrial Exhibition Germany at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (October 10-11, 2017)

N.A.T. - new solutions for Instrumentation and Control in Particle Physics

13th Industrial Exhibition Germany at CERN

Visit N.A.T. at booth 29 at the 13th Industrial Exhibition Germany at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (October 10-11, 2017)

At stand 29 at the 13th Industrial Exhibition Germany at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, N.A.T., a leading supplier of embedded boards and systems based on open standards and architectures, is presenting new solutions for High Energy Physics.

The Industrial Exhibition Germany at CERN is organized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Selected companies are given the opportunity to present their product portfolio and solutions dedicated to the research programs of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Held at the CERN main building in Meyrin, Switzerland, the Industrial Exhibition Germany at CERN offers participants a broad spectrum of information on state-of-the-art technology and solutions and in-depth discussion with experts from inductry.

N.A.T., being active in the particle research market for more than a decade, presents its enhanced MTCA Carrier Hub for Physics NAT-MCH-PHYS80 together with its associated Rear Transition Module NAT-MCH-RTM hosting an Intel quad-core E3 general purpose CPU, releasing a system payload slot for use i.e. with application specific IO. The NAT-MCH-PHYS80 also provides one x16 or two x8 optical PCIe uplinks in order to extent the PCIe Gen3 fat pipe to outside divices, i.e. another MTCA system, a PC or a server.

In addition to the NAT-MCH-PHYS80 N.A.T. also presents its most recent system apporach for MTCA.4 and MTCA.4.1 users, the NATIVE-R2. This 2U 19" rack mountable chassis offers six horizontally-mounted AMC modules including up to five uRTM modules and a JTAG switch module (i.e. NAT-JSM). Due to it sophisticated design the system allows a x16 PCIe Gen3 connection to the NAT-MCH-RTM and either two x4 or one x8 PCIe Gen3 connection to every AMC slot.

The NATIVE-R2 can be operated with any of N.A.T.'s MTCA compliant power modules, i.e. NAT-PM-DC420, NAT-PM-DC840, NAT-PM-DC300LV, NAT-PM-DV600LV, NAT-PM-AC600, NAT-PM-AC600D or the new NAT-PM-AC1000. Also the rear power supply NAT-RPM-AC600 for the 9U 19" rack-mountable fully redundant chassis NATIVE-R9 is presented at booth 29.

Moreover, at booth 29 we demonstate how easy users can configure, control and maintain a MTCA system utilizing NATview.

Come and join N.A.T. at stand 29 presenting these unique solutions.