2020-02-24 - Mobile World Congress - MWC, (February 24th - 27th), Barcelona, Spain

N.A.T. - new solutions for 5G SDRm 5G IIoT, Private and Campus Networks, Industrial Automation and Public Safety

Visit N.A.T. at booth 6B40, hall 6 at Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC20) in Barcelona, Spain (February 24th to 27th, 2020).

At 2020 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, N.A.T., a leading supplier of communications solutions based on open standards, is presenting new solutions for 5G SDR, 5G Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), private networks and mobile communication architectures.

At our booth 6B40 we will showcase the following solutions:

  • Scalable SDR solution with 64+ fully synchronized antennas
  • eNodeB/gNodeB and Industrial Internet of Things
  • Network-in-a-box systems for NB-IoT, LTE and 5G
  • Hardware building blocks for custom radio solutions 


The displayed solutions are based on two corner stone products in the modular industrial open standard form factor AdvancedMC™ (AMC): 

  • NAT-AMC-ZYNQUP-SDR: The NAT-AMC-ZYNQUP-SDR8 (ZYNQ Ultrascale Plus) is a flexible software defined radio (SDR) platform for wireless applications, such as mobile cellular systems with massive MIMO or radio beamforming, which require a large number of phase-coherent antennas. The synchronization of multiple SDR boards enables customers to create large antenna arrays with RF phase-coherent radio channels. The on-board Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ FPGA provides a powerful general-purpose ARM-CPU, field-programmable hardware accelerators (FPGA, DSP and GPU) and flexible IO for signal and base band processing. The 8x8 MMIMO capability of NAT-AMC-ZYNQUP-SDR together with a fully customizable onboard FPGA enables customers to develop and test new algorithms and waveforms. 
  • NAT-AMC-ZYNQUP-FMC: The NAT-AMC-ZYNQUP-FMC is ideal for software defined radio modules thanks to its powerful FPGA for baseband processing and flexible RF- frontend on FMC daughter module. Inputs for reference clock, sync, trigger and 1pps signals enable multi-board baseband and RF-phase synchronization for massive MIMO and phased antenna arrays. 

Base Station for Industrial IoT, 4G and 5G

Based on MicroTCA (MTCA), an open standard for system designs from industrial to outdoor environments, N.A.T.‘s wireless systems combine flexibility and scalability with data rates from cIoT up to 5G-NR. With N.A.T.‘s hardware and software buliding blocks for radio frontend (SDR), baseband processing, edge computing, synchronization and interfaces as well as various chassis, customers are able to easily create wireless systems to their needs.


Software Defined Radio (SDR) for phased arrays and 64x64 (+) MassiveMIMO (M-MIMO) 

Utilizing the onboard FPGA and CPU, the board can be operated stand alone or connected i.e. to MATLAB and Simulink environments, allowing the scalable 8x8 RF modules to be used for proof-of-concept and product development for applications such as beam forming, PHY/MAC development, large phased antenna arrays etc.

Our boards can be combined with other products from N.A.T. facilitating connectivity for E1/T1, E3/T3, OC3, OC12, OC48, ATM and 10GbE and with high-end multi-core network processors for signaling and deep packet inspection (DPI). 

All N.A.T. board level products can be deployed in a variety of custom vRAN and C-RAN operating environments, including N.A.T.’s own range of MicroTCA systems. This enables customers to start with minimal capital expenditure, while providing a fully deployable platform.Come and join N.A.T. at booth 6B40 in hall 6 presenting these unique communication solutions.

Please schedule your communication slot in Barcelona with Heiko Koerte (Director of Sales and Marketing) or Willi Rehman (Business Development Wireless Products) or Terry Manus (Business Development Manager North America) by e-mail to Mrs. Bettina Bilogan (bettina.bilogan(at)nateurope.com).

In case you are not able to join us in Barcelona here is a short cut to the data sheets of the products being showcased at booth 6B40 at Mobile World Congress:

  • Board Level Products (AdvancedMC™ (AMC)):


  • System Level Infrastructure (MicroTCA (MTCA)):


For a downloadable product overview please refer to our brochure “The N.A.T. MTCA Concept”.

Please visit our wireless solution page for more information about our wireless products.