2012-12-27 - Improving 780W DC power module to 840W

DC power modules for MicroTCA now providing enhanced power budget to MicroTCA systems

Using enhanced chip technology N.A.T. has improved the existing family of DC power modules for MicroTCA to provide more power to MicroTCA systems operating at -48V input voltage: the NAT-PM-DC390 and NAT-PM-DC780 are now delivering up to 420W respectively 840W output power.

The NAT-PM-DC390 is replaced by the NAT-PM-DC420 and the NAT-PM-DC780 is replaced by the NAT-PM-DC840. The enhanced pwer modules are fully backwards compatible.

In order to accommodate non-redundant MicroTCA applications where AMCs are allowed a 100W budget at 12V payload voltage the inrush current limiters have been changed to now physically allow for an 8.3A current draw per AMC. The current limit is programmable and thus new power modules can be changed in the field using HPM.

Besides the enhancement the features of the enhanced power modules have not changed:
  • input power protection
  • input isolation
  • inrush control
  • input OR-ing
  • EMI input filtering
  • holdup circuit
  • high efficiencypower conversion
  • optical load indicator
  • power management for 16 power channels
  • backup power for other PMs (SMP)
  • support for N+1, 2+2 redundancy and
  • load sharing

For further details please visit the web site for the NAT-PM-DC840.