2013-08-01 - N.A.T. acquired assets of former MicroBlade Inc.

N.A.T. announce the acquisition of the assets of former MicroBlade Inc., effective since July 15th, 2013.

MicroBlade Inc. have been a key supplier for MicroTCA infrastructure products such as 19” chassis (Microbox) and MicroTCA compliant DC (Panther) and AC (Puma) power modules, holding several patents and rights on these products. Because of the complementary product portfolios both companies entered into a reciprocal distributorship agreement in 2009.  This allowed N.A.T. to supply complete turn-key solutions to customers satisfying their needs for an sophisticated open standard platform.

After MicroBlade ceased existence, in 2011 N.A.T. entered into a license manufacturing agreement with the interim owner of the MicroBlade assets, allowing N.A.T. to continue servicing the customers with an excellent choice of 19” chassis. Also it allowed N.A.T. to completely integrate these important infrastructure products into the N.A.T. standard product manufacturing process.

As N.A.T. had started own designs for MicroTCA compliant DC and AC power modules in order to complete the product offering by N.A.T., it was a natural decision to bid for the assets.

N.A.T. and the interim owner have now signed an acquisition agreement for these assets which became effective immediately.

“This acquisition is an important mile stone in our vision for a complete product offering”, said Helmut Laufkoetter, Managing Director of N.A.T.. “It also provides the surety for our customers  that they can rely on N.A.T.’s long term commitment for this technology in the same way they have been relying on N.A.T. before!”

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