2014-04-14 - NAT-PM-AC600 achieved Class A and Class B Certification

N.A.T. announces that the NAT‐PM‐AC600, a 600WAC power supply for MicroTCA systems in singlewidth full‐size form factor has successfully passed EMC tests for Class B according to EN55022 (telecom equipment) and safety tests according to EN68950.

The NAT‐PM‐AC600 is the only AC power supply for MicroTCA in this form factor and being Class A and Class B certified makes the NAT‐PM‐AC600 a unique solution for any MTCA.0 and MTCA.4 based applications.

Supporting load sharing as well as N+1 redundancy, the NAT‐PM‐AC600 allows customers to build systems with power requirements beyond 600W by using multiple units in their systems.

Because of its rich feature set and its management capabilities the NAT‐PM‐AC600 can be easily integrated into any standard compliant MicroTCA environment.

For an overview on our AMC and MicroTCA technology, please take a look at our MTCA Concept flyer.