2014-09-08 - HARTING Plug for AMCs and MCHs stays available

Availability of "HARTING" plug connector for AMCs and MCHs secured

In a joint letter being sent to the key customers for the HARTING plug connector today, the former producer HARTING Electronics GmbH and the new manufacturer ITB Precisietechniek have announced, that ITB Precisietechniek will take over production and sales of the entire AMC/MCH plug connector product line.

The HARTING plug connector is used with Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) and MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (MCHs) and is key for an exact and precise connection between an AMC or MCH and the respective carrier or backplane in ATCA or MicroTCA systems, improving both signal integrity and lifetime of an AMC or MCH.

It was back in July 2013 when HARTING presented an End-Of-Life (EOL) statement to the market, leading to major concerns among the community because of the impact this decision would have on the availability of board level products used in the MicroTCA market.


N.A.T. being one of the largest HARTING customer for the plug connectors - these are used in the N.A.T. AMC and MCH product lines - immediately reacted to the decsion by following a default contingency plan according to the N.A.T. ISO 9001 procedure. These contingency plans ensure that any of the N.A.T. products affected by the obsoletion of a component will stay available for about two years, at least until a fully functional successor product is available to the N.A.T. customers.

In parallel HARTING and N.A.T entered into a fruitful discussion about how the plug connector line of products could survive. As a result of the discussion HARTING withdrew the End-Of-Life notification in August 2013, now seeking for a long term solution. This was found in ITB Precisietechniek taking over production and sales of the entire AMC/MCH plug connector product line, maintaining the former HARTING part numbers.

ITB Precisietechniek is a Dutch company, specialized in the design and production of high precision parts such as connectors, with manufacturing sites in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Mexico. Like ITB Advanced Connectors, ITB Precisietechniek is a member of the Dutch ITB Holding.

The quality management controlled process of moving the technology over from HARTING to ITB has been finished and both HARTING and ITB have verified that the plug connectors now manufactured by ITB comply with the original quality requirements as set by HARTING.

"We are happy to report to our customers, that the HARTING plug connector stays available.", says Helmut Laufkoetter, CEO and CTO of N.A.T.. "The HARTING plug connector is contributing to the precision and quality of our AMC and MCH product lines and we can confirm that the connectors delivered by ITB Precisietechniek have the same high quality level our customers and we have been used to when the plug connectors were manufactured by HARTING Electronics. We are pleased by the fact that the solution is entirely transparent for our customers."

Please follow this link for the official announcement letter of HARTING Electronics GmbH and ITB Precisietechniek.