2015-04-02 - The MicroTCA Concept IV by N.A.T. now available

Today N.A.T. have launched version IV of its well recognized MicroTCA Concept.

The MicroTCA Concept IV by N.A.T. gives a short overview about the MicroTCA building blocks offered by N.A.T..

The product offering includes but is not limited to:

  • table top and 19" rack-mountable chassis
  • power modules
  • MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (MCHs) providing management and switching for 1/10GbE, SRIO Gen2, PCIE Gen3
  • Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs)
    • intelligent and non-intelligent line interfaces including signaling stacks
    • I/O boards
    • FPGA Boards
    • single and multicore NPUs for SDN and NFV 
    • single and multicore PrAMCs
  • AMC extenders for MTCA.0 and MTCA.4
  • JTAG Switch Module (JSM)
  • MMC Reference Design Package
  • custom board and system level design
  • turn key systems

Please have a look at the MicroTCA Concept IV by N.A.T..

For any specific question on our product offering please contact your local sales representative or the N.A.T. sales team using our contact form.


The MicroTCA Concept - Edition IV

Download the pdf file!