2015-09-09 - Launching new AMC module NAMC-ODSP-M

Powerful New DSP-based Media Acceleration Engine as a Plug-in AMC Board for Open Standards-based Telecom and Network Systems

Today N.A.T. announced the NAMC-ODSP-M, a powerful new AdvancedMC™ (AMC) module that enables telecom equipment and service providers to add video and audio acceleration to their AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) and MicroTCA® (µTCA, MTCA) systems. The NAMC-ODSP-M combines a powerful Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA with an array of up to eight Octasic OCT2224M DSPs, an on-board switch and advanced media gateway software.
It is designed to accelerate applications such as session border controllers (SBC), carrier grade media gateways, media servers / media resource function, mobile video optimization (transcoding and transrating), audio/video conferencing servers (MCU), interactive voice and video response systems, and content detection and analysis systems.

Capable of supporting up to 5,120 channels G.729AB/G.711 transcoding, 112 simultaneous H.264 HD/SD transcodes or 16,384 TDM channels, the NAMC-ODSP-M provides a broad range of audio/video codecs and algorithms, including H.264, MPEG4, H.263, and G.711, G.729, SILK and Opus, in a single-width mid-size AMC module package.

The on-board FPGA provides a local Linux processor for low-overhead management to the interfacing host system, while also giving customers headroom for further extension and customization.

Each of the eight DSPs has twenty-four DSP cores to provide the specialized processing power needed for video and audio acceleration. Each DSP is equipped with its own private external 512MB DDR3 memory.

“This new multimedia processing engine offers network equipment and service providers with a very flexible architecture so that they can easily prototype, develop and deploy,” said Heiko Körte, Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing at N.A.T. GmbH. “N.A.T. can also adapt the NAMC-ODSP-M to suit customers’ application-specific needs with for example, fewer DSPs or a larger FPGA.”

The AMC Ethernet ports on the NAMC-ODSP are connected to the onboard managed Ethernet switch, to which each individual DSP is also connected by two separate 1GbE links to support, for example, 1080p video conferencing functions. An FPGA-based ITDM to TDM controller enables one or two 8k channel ITDM interfaces, resulting in up 16k ITDM channels. The NAMC-ODSP-M provides two redundant 10GbE interfaces at ports 4-7 and 8-11, and two redundant 1GbE interfaces at ports 0 & 1 of the common options region of the AMC backplane connector.

N.A.T. provides an integrated Ethernet-based API for simple connection and configuration, and to simplify the attachment of Octasic’s Vocallo media gateway software. This provides rich audio and video applications based on IP and TDM, with many codecs and protocols included, such as high density H.264, MPEG4, H.263 video codec and G.711, G.729, SILK and Opus voice transcoding. N.A.T. has enhanced this standard functionality with video and voice quality features such as video scaling, mixing and keying as well as echo cancellation, conferencing and adaptive noise reduction. This covers many advanced audio / video applications, conferencing systems, audio / video transcoding, video surveillance and T.38 fax relay applications. The software provides an Ethernet packet-based configuration API so no DSP programming is required.

For detailed product and functionality information please visit the web site for the NAMC-ODSP-M.