NAMC-8569-CPU with NXP (Freescale) PowerQUICC® III MPC8569 processor

AMC CPU Board with PCIe, SRIO, GbE, USB, RS232 and ITDM

The NAMC-8569-CPU is a multi-service CPU board in the Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC or AMC) form factor. Designed for (tele-)communications, medical, industrial automation, defence & aerospace applications, the NAMC-8569-CPU features the NXP (Freescale) PowerQUICC® III MPC8569 processor and offers flexibility, high-bandwidth and low latency processing. 

One or both GbE interfaces can be switched or multiplexed towards the CPU and the backplane. Depending on the required throughput, one Fat Pipe (PCIe or SRIO) or the combination of both Fat Pipes (PCIe and SRIO) are available to the backplane. The NAMC-8569-CPU therefore targets applications where IO boards need PCIe and where low latency of SRIO for multiprocessing is requested.



Key features
Technical details
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  • Latest Freescale™ PowerQUICC® III MPC8569 processor:
    • Dual Multichannel Communication Controller (MCC)
    • Higher core frequency than predecessor PowerQUICC III processors
  • DDR2 SDRAM 1GB, NAND-Flash 2 GB
  • Lattice FPGA
  • uup to 70.000 logic cells
  • Interfaces at front panel
    • 2x Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)
    • USB port and RS232
    • Optional user defined IO via sub module
    • Optional TDM connectivity
  • Backplane connections
    • 2x Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)
    • Serial Rapid IO (SRIO)
    • PCI Express (PCIe)
  • TDM and I-TDM
    • 125 μs and 1 ms I-TDM modes as well as TDM cross-connect supported
  • Customizable I/O mezzanines
System Processor and Memory
  • Up to 1,3GHz Freescale Power QUICCIII MPC8569
  • 128-1024 MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • 16-128 MB FLASH
  • Micro-SD-Card slot
  • 512 kB MRAM
  • 2GB NAND Flash

Front Panel Interfaces
  • USB, RS232, 2 x GbE

Backplane Connectivity
Fat Pipe Interface Options
  • PCIe x4 on ports 4-7 or 8-11
  • PCIe x1 on port 4 or 8
  • SRIO x4 on ports 4-7 or 8-11; speed 1.25 Gb/s or 2.5 Gb/s or 3.125 Gb/s per lane
  • SRIO x1 on ports 4 and port 8; speed 1.25 Gb/s or 2.5 Gb/s or 3.125 Gb/s
  • PCIe x1 on port 4 and SRIO x1 on port 8; speed 2.5 Gb/s

I-TDM Interface

  • 1024 bidirect. 64 kbit/s channels
  • 125 μs-mode and 1ms-mode support TDM (optional)
  • H.110 alike 32MHz clocked TDM interface connects to ports 12, 13 (data) and port 14 (sync)


  • 2 x 1 GbE at AMC port 0 and 1
  • 2 x 1000/100/10 Base T at front panel
  Indicator LED's
  • Various link indications using 4 LEDs at RJ45 connector
  • 1 fault indication LED controlled by the IPMI controller
  • 1 general purpose LED controlled by the FPGA/CPU

Operating System Support
  • OK-1, QNX, LINUX

Power Consumption
  • 12 V, 2A max.

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating temp.: 0°C to +55°C with forced cooling
  • Storage temp.: -40°C to +85°C
  • Relative humidity: 10% to 90% rh noncondensing

Standard Compliance

  • PICMG AMC.0 Rev. 2.0
  • PICMG AMC.1 Rev. 1.0
  • PICMG AMC.2 Rev. 1.0 (Type E2)
  • PCIe Base Spec. Rev. 1.1
  • PICMG SFP.0 Rev. 1.0
  • PICMG SFP.1 Rev. 1.0
  • IPMI Specification v2.0 Rev. 1.0
  • PICMG μTCA.0 Rev. 1.0
Rev #
Date Last Modified
namc_8569_cpu_ds Data Sheet pdf 354 KB 1.0 11-07-2012
namc_8569_cpu_man_hw Hardware Manual pdf 1236 KB 1.6 18-02-2020

NAMC-8569-CPU block diagram

Product Code: NAMC-8569-CPU

- MPC8569 PowerQUICC III (1.3 GHz), 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM, 2 GB NAND Flash, 128 MB NOR Flash, front I/O (2 GbE, RS232, USB, MicroSD slot), rear I/O (SRIO x4 or PCIe x4 or (SRIO x1 and PCIe x1), IPMI, trigger signals) Other processor options on request.


Rev #
Date Last Modified
NBSP-QNX-NAMC-8569 QNX BSP for NAMC-8569-CPU in source form 1.0 19-04-2011
NBSP-LINUX-NAMC-8569 LINUX BSP for NAMC-8569-CPU in source form 1.0 19-04-2011