NAMC-xE1/T1 with 8 or 16 E1/T1, or 4 E3/T3 interfaces

AdvancedMC (AMC) line interface card for MicroTCA (uTCA, MTCA) or AdvancedTCA (ATCA) systems

The NAMC-xE1/T1 is an Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC or AMC) in single width, compact-, mid- or full-size format providing up to 16 E1/T1 interfaces for next generation systems based on the MicroTCA (MTCA) and ATCA standards.

The NAMC-xE1/T1 is designed for (tele-)communication applications with a need for a high aggregation of multiple E1/T1 interfaces combined with access to switched networks based on high bandwidth Ethernet.

This add-in card is used for distributing signaling (i.e. ISDN or SS7) and payload data to DSP or CPU based processor resources within a MTCA or ATCA system.

The TDM-to-I-TDM converter connects the on-board E1/T1 interfaces with a Gigabit Ethernet port for system interconnects (I-TDM).


Key features
Technical details
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  • Interfaces on the front panel:
    • 8x E1/T1 (NAMC-8E1/T1) or
    • 16x E1/T1 (NAMC-16E1/T1)
  • Backplane connection
    • 2xGbE (port 0 and 1)
  • FPGA resource with up to 64-Mbit of Quad Data Rate™ 2 (QDR2) SRAM
  • Extensive software support in combination with other N.A.T. AMC boards for any voice/data application in ISDN, SS7, ATM, VoIP, 3G or 4G environments.
  • Software: Project License Linux Driver for NAMC-xE1/T1

FPGA and Memory

  • ECP3 FPGA from Lattice with 70.000 logic elements and 4 Mbit internal memory
  • QDR2 SRAM with up to 64-Mbit

Front Panel Interface

  • 8x E1/T1 (NAMC-8E1/T1) or
  • 16x E1/T1 (NAMC-16E1/T1)

Backplane Connectivity
  • clock distribution via full bi-directional clock support using TCLK-A, -B, -C, -D at AMC connector Fat Pipe Interface Options

Base Fabric
  • 2xGbE at AMC port 0 and port 1

Fat Pipe Interface Options
  • GbE x1 on ports 4 and 8 or optionally
  • PCIe x1 on port 4 or 8 or on request
  • SRIO x1 on ports 4 and 8

I-TDM Interface

  • 1024 bidirectional 64kbit/s channels
  • 125 μs-mode and 1ms-mode support
  TDM (optional)
  • H.110 alike 32MHz clocked TDM interface connects to ports 12, 13 (data) and port 14 (sync) of the common options region of the AMC connector

Indicator LEDs
  • 8/16 (extension module) bicolour LEDs integrated in the RJ45 for E1 link status
  • 2 standard LEDs as fault indicator and for general purpose status

Host Operating System Support


Power Consumption

  • 12 V, 1A

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating temp.: 0°C to +55°C with forced cooling
  • Storage temp.: -40°C to +85°C
  • Relative humidity: 10% to 90% rh noncondensing

Standard Compliance

  • PICMG AMC.0 Rev. 2.0/AMC.1 Rev. 1.0/AMC.2 Rev. 1.0 (Type E2)
  • PCIe Base Spec. Rev. 1.1
  • PICMG SFP.0 Rev. 1.0/SFP.1 Rev. 1.0 (Internal CC)
  • IPMI Spec. v2.0 Rev. 1.0
  • PICMG MTCA.0 Rev. 1.0
  • ITU-T G.823 (Jitter Attenuation)
Rev #
Date Last Modified
namc_xe1_t1_ds Data Sheet pdf 270 KB 1.0 11-07-2012
namc_xe1_t1_man_hw Hardware Manual pdf 614 KB 1.3 24-06-2021


NAMC-xE1/T1 block diagram

Product Code: NAMC - [Option]

Value Description
-8E1/T1 single mid-size AMC board with 8 E1/T1/J1 (front I/O) interfaces, I-TDM (1000BX), TDM Cross connect, PCIe x4, IPMI -
-16E1/T1 single full-size AMC board with 16 E1/T1/J1 (front I/O) interfaces , I-TDM (1000BX), TDM Cross connect, PCIe x4, IPMI -


Rev #
Date Last Modified
DRV-NAMC-E1/T1-LINUX-PRJ Project License Linux Driver for NAMC-xE1/T1 and NAMC-xE3/T3 1.0 07-07-2011