discontinued ! - replacement product: NAT-PM-AC600D

The NAT-RPM-AC600 is a power distribution module especially designed for MTCA.4.1
applications to be used in the rear card carge of an MTCA 4.1 system. By the MTCA 4.1
standard the rear power modules (RPMs) differ in form factor and use from a standard
MTCA power module.

The NAT-RPM-AC600 provides Management and Payload Power for up three eRTMs and
a positive (VV+) and negative supply (VV-) for up to twelve uRTMs in a
MicroTCA.4 chassis equipped with an RF-Backplane. The VV+ and VV- voltages are
adjustable in a wide range.

The NAT-RPM-AC600 offers power conversion from universal line input (85 to 265 VAC)
and feeds up to 16 independent power channels for RTMs. It supplies backup power
for other power modules (Shared Management Power, SMP) within the system.
It is available as double-width, full-size module.

Key features
Technical details
Block diagram
Order code
  • EMI Filtering providing EN55022 Class A and B compliance
  • inrush control
  • Power factor correction circuitry (PFC)
  • holdup circuit
  • high-efficiency power conversion
  • load indicator
  • power management for 16 power channels
  • backup power for second PM (SMP)
  • support for N+1, 2+2 redundancy and load sharing
  • HPM firmware upgrade support

Special Features

  • 85-265 VAC input with self-locking power cord
  • 600W output power
  • support of N+1 and 2+2 redundanc4
  • 4 power channels
    • 12 V @ 20 A max.
    • 3.3 V @ 3 A max.
  • 12 power channels of
    • VV+ @ 50 A max.
    • VV- @ 25 A max.
  • support of
    • 3 eRTMs
    • 12 µRTMs in a MTCA.4 chassis with an RF backplane
    • individual control of management and payload power
    • individual current sensors
  • 88 % peak conversion efficiency
  • full HPM support for field upgrades of firmware


  • double-width, full-size (6HP)

Intelligent Security System

  • output over-voltage and over-temperature protection
  • input under-voltage shutdown
  • output short circuit protection
  • IEC/EN/UL60950-1 safety standard comliant
  • programmable current limiting threshold per output channel

3.3V output power subsystem

  • max. channel current: 3 A (not more than 600 W for all channels in total)
  • max. ripple: 70 mV (RMS)
  • accuracy 3.4 V: +/- 100 mV

12V output power subsystem

  • max. channel current: 20 A (not more than 600 W for all channels in total)
  • max. ripple: 70 mV (RMS)
  • accuracy 12.4 V (primary) resp. 11.6 V (secondary): +/- 100 mV

Front panel element

  • IEC AC power connector for self-locking cord
  • on/off switch
  • LED load indicator
  • hot-swap and fault LED
  • hot-swap handle

Environmental Conditions

  • standard operating temperature: -5 °C to 50 °C
  • storing temperature: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • min. input voltage: 85 VAC
  • max. input voltage: 265 VAC
  • isolation voltage: 3 kV
  • RoHS compliant

Standard compliance

  • PICMG MicroTCA.4
  • MTCA 4 and 4.1 Rev. 1.0
  • IPMI v2.0 Rev. 1.0
  • HPM.0
  • IEC/EN/UL60950-1 class A and class B
  • RoHS
  • EMI EN55022 Class A/B
Rev #
Date Last Modified
nat_rpm_ac600_man Hardware Manual pdf 645 KB 1.1 09-01-2017


Product Code: NAT-RPM-[Option]

-AC600 MicroTCA AC Power Module 600WAC RTM, double-width, full-size -
-ACCAB-UK 6ft AC power cord with safety lock mechanism UK version
-ACCAB-US 6ft AC power cord with safety lock mechanism US version
-ACCAB-EUR 6ft AC power cord with safety lock mechanism version for most European countries