2u 19' rack-mounted MTCA Chassis

The NATIVE-C2 is a 2U MicroTCA chassis which offers system designers the most performance per U in a fully redundant configuration. Twelve AdvancedMC (AMC) slots give users the flexibility to configure for a wide range of applications, enterprise, industrial control, telecom, wireless, and others. The unique card guide design of the NATIVE-C2 eases the insertion/removal of AMC cards. The replaceable, redundant fabric backplane improves the serviceability of the system. The NATIVE-C2 equips with higher performance cooling unit – over 160 CFM of airflow though the chassis – for better thermal profile.

Chassis Dimensions
  • 2U 19-inch EIA rack mount
  • Up to 12 AMC slots
  • 2 MCH slot
  • 2 Power module (PM) slot
  • 1 2HP JTAG switch module (JSM) slot
  • Up to 2 hot swappable cooling units (CU)
  • Maximum 80W per AMC slot
  • Maximum 80W per MCH slot
  • Removable air filter
  • Card rail design for ease of insertion/removal AMC cards

  • Redundant backplane fabric
  • 1 GbE routed to AMC Port 0 and 1
  • Point-t-point SATA/SAS Port 2 and 3
  • Fat-Pipe to MCH 1 at Ports 4-7
  • Fat-Pipe to MCH 2 at Ports 8-11
  • TCLKA, TCLKB, and FCLKA to each AMC
  • JTAG Connector
  • IPMI
  • Replaceable backplane

Cooling Units
  • 8 fans per CU with each fan rated at 160 CFM
  • Individual-controlled fan speed
  • Straight through side-to-side cooling
  • Fully managed, redundant, and hot swappable
  • Monitored fan power for early failure detection
  • Air filter removed detection

Optional Components

  • Standard operating temperature: +5 C to +40 C
  • Storage temperature: -45 C to 85 C
  • Shock and vibration: Level DL1, IEC 61587-1
  • FCC Part 15, Class A
  • EN 55022
  • EN 55024
  • EIA Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • PICMG MicroTCA.0 R1.0

Family of MicroTCA chassis

The NATIVE-C2 is a member of the NATIVE family of MicroTCA chassis which consists of:


Key features
Technical details
Block diagram
Order code
  • Horizontal-mounted twelve (12) slots 2U 19" rack-mounted enclosure
  • optional: 420WDC or 840WDC or 600WAC managed power supply
  • Supporting full-, mid-, or compact-size AMCs
  • Supporting up to two (2) MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (MCH)
  • Two (2) redundant hot swappable managed cooling units
  • Removable air filters
  • Choice of various backplane typologies

Configuration examples for the NATIVE-C2 can be found in the "Technical details" section on the left.


  • 2u 19" rack-mounted


  • 12 mid-size AMCs, horizontally-mounted
  • 2 MCH with fat pipe support

Power Supply

  • 110-240VAC, 300W or 600W output, front pluggable, or 
  • -48VDC, 420W or 840W output, front pluggable

Cooling Unit

  • 2 redundant hot-swap fan trays for AMCs

Backplane Configuration

  • direct SATA / SAS connections
  • dual star base fabric and fat pipe, either SCOPE or PICMG compliant

Configuration Examples

Configuration Example: 12 single, full-size AMCs

Configuration Example: 6 single, full-size AMC
(Also possible: 4 single, full-size AMCs, 4 single, mid-size AMCs)

Special Build Configuration: 2 double, mid-size AMCs, 1 double, full-size AMC, 4 single, mid-size AMCs
(Also possible: 4 double, mid-size AMCs, 4 single, mid-size AMCs / 2 double, full-size AMCs, 2 single, full-size AMCs)

Rev #
Date Last Modified
native_c2 ds Data Sheet pdf 750 KB 1.0 15-01-2014
native_c2 man_hw Hardware Manual pdf 2.9 MB 1.3 05-11-2020

Product Code: NATIVE-C2 [Option]

- 2U 19" rackmountable MTCA platform, 2 Cooling Units - 12 single mid size AMC payload slots (PMs are separate order items)  -


Filler Panels
Description (all filler panels intentionally without air blocker b/o horizontal air flow)
NATIVE-Filler-B Filler Panel for NATIVE-C1 or NATIVE-C2, closing the gap between the chassis bottom and a full-size AMC, PM, or MCH. -
NATIVE-Filler-P Filler Panel for NATIVE-C2, closing the horizontal gap between the two full-size AMC, PM or MCH. -
NAMC-Filler MS-FP0S 4 HP MTCA.0 AMC Filler Panel single mid-size -