Smallest MicroTCA-chassis for industrial applications

The NATIVE-mini is the youngest member of the N.A.T. family of MicroTCA chassis, targeting at cost-sensitive applications like digital video and image editing, automation or electronic signal processing with the need for one or two payload slots only.

With its compact dimensions of 260 mm width, 43 mm height (1U) and 302 mm depth the EMV-shielded NATIVE-mini is designed for the insertion of up to two single full-size or mid-size AMC modules (Advanced Mezzanine Card) and therefore aims for applications which require just one or two AMC modules. The integrated "embedded" MCH (MicroTCA Carrier Hub) makes the NATIVE-mini a standard compliant MicroTCA systemproviding an easy migration to larger systems. In relation to the system’s dimensions the eMCH is an optimized version of its bigger family member, the NAT-MCH, taking over  monitoring and management of all system components such as the 150W Open Frame power supply (input voltage range 90 - 264 VAC) or the cooling units which ensure in push-pull-configuration a cooling power of 150 W at an operating temperature of +55°C. By error detection and isolation the system management provides the system reliability which MicroTCA is known for. 



The system integrated "embedded" MCH enables the communication between the AMC modules and the monitoring of the system, including the power and cooling management. The eMCH provides via its 1GbE switch direct access to both AMCs and the system management via the 1GbE-Uplink at the chassis front. The 1GbE switch also allows the direct integration of the system components in an existing network infrastructure. Hereby it is also possible to simply integrate the NATIVE-mini in existing management architectures like e.g. SNMP. The eMCH is fully compatible with the NAT-MCH and therefore offers a natural migration path to bigger systems while keeping already used AMCs.

Customers can download the latest firmware archive visiting the download page in the services section.


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Application areas

Despite its compact design the NATIVE-mini is compliant to the open MicroTCA standard MTCA.0 and therefore every standard compliant, single full-size or mid-size AMC module can be integrated. The service-friendly design aims for applications which are on the one hand cost-sensitive and get along with only few AMC-modules and on the other hand want to benefit from the proven technological benefits that are offered by MicroTCA (e.g. error detection and isolation, open system management and monitoring, etc.). Due to the fact that the chassis is stackable or mountable in a 19’’ rack the NATIVE-mini is multi-purpose and usable e.g. for the following applications:
  • digital video and image editing
  • automation and machine control
  • electronic signal processing
  • security
  • gateway

Family of MicroTCA chassis

The NATIVE-mini is a member of the NATIVE family of MicroTCA chassis which consists of:


Key features
Technical details
Block diagram
Order code
  • compact size: 260mm x 43mm x 302mm (WxHxD)
  • stackable or mountable in 19’’ racks
  • 2 single full-size or mid-size AMC slots
  • integrated 150W AC power supply (auto-range 90-264VAC) with on-off switch
  • integrated cooling units incl. air filter
  • integrated, standard compliant embedded MCH incl. 1GbE switch (Fabric A) and 1GbE-Uplink
  • local point-to-point connections (AMC ports 2-20 and TCLKA-D)
2-Slot MicroTCA
  • Cost optimized
  • In accordance with PICMG MTCA.0 R1.0 specification
  • AC mains input (100 ... 240 VAC) on rear of case, 150 W PSU built in, power management (PM EMMC) on backplane
  • Fan speed controlled fans, controlled by temperature sensor and managed by the embedded MCH
  • Side to side cooling
  • Ethernet Uplink and USB interface
  • Power supply, fans and air-filter simply replaceable

   NATIVE-mini single


Small Form Factor
  • 2 Slot 1U chassis
  • Applicable for Single Full-size or Mid-size
  • EMC shielded
  • For scalable applications
  • Supported by side to side cooling
  NATIVE-mini stacked

  • Backplane according PICMG MTCA.0 Rev. 1
  • CLKs, Fat Pipe and Extended Fat Pipe ports are connected between the two slots
  • Base Fabric switched between slots by eMCH
  • Supports Hot-Swap function
  • Supports IPMI management and control
  • Customized modifications possible

  Backplane Topology

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Embedded MCH (eMCH)
  • Built-in MCH, easy to service
  • 1GbE switch for Base Fabric and 1GbE Uplink at chassis front panel
  • management and fault isolation for built-in power supply, fans and AMCs according to PICMG MTCA.0 Rev. 1
  • Allows system integration into existing management architectures, i.e. SNMP, RMCP
  • Configuration through web interface
  • Fully compatible with NAT-MCH
  • Life-long free firmware update service
  • NATview-EASY included

  eMCH block diagram

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Rev #
Date Last Modified
native_mini_ds Data Sheet pdf - - -
native_mini_man_hw Hardware Manual pdf 928 kB 1.1 22.06.2021

For further documentation on the NAT-MCH (i.e. technical reference manuals) please contact us using the contact form.

For software support and firmware downloads please visit the download page in the services section. Thank you.

NATIVE-mini block diagram

Product Code: NAMC-mini


2 single full-size or mid-size AMC slots, integrated 150W AC power supply (auto-range 90-264VAC) with on-off switch, integrated cooling units incl. air filter, integrated, standard compliant embedded MCH incl. 1GbE switch (Fabric A) and 1GbE-Uplink



For software support and firmware downloads please visit the download page in the services section. Thank you.