The scalable and flexible NAMC-MPX-Family offers sophisticated full-size AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) boards with an exclusive range of processors based on miriac™ MPX modules (MicroSys PPC EXtendable modules).

It is dedicated to the embedded markets such as industrial controls, automation, (tele-)communication, defense&aerospace and medical area.

The bandwidth of the new MPX-Family covers the following on-board processors from Freescale™

- low-end Power QUICC II Pro MPC8349 @667MHz (NAMC-MPX-PQIIP-8349)
- mid-scale Power QUICC III MPC8548 @1.3GHz (NAMC-MPX-PQIII-8548)
- high-end single core QorIQ™ P1011 @533-800MHz (NAMC-MPX-QorIQ-P1011)
- high-end dual core QorIQ™ P2020 @1.2GHz (NAMC-MPX-QorIQ-P2020)

N.A.T. offers also an Intel® Atom™ Processor E600 (NAMC-MPX-Atom-E600) to satisfy the different addictions, performance or application requirements.

The distinctive feature of this product family is the harmonized base board which offers at the front panel:

- two GbE
- one USB 2.0 and
- one RS232.

N.A.T. especially highlights the pin-compatible QorIQ™ communications processors, the high-performance Power Architecture® cores for applications requiring enormous processor performance, reliability, security and quality in every connection. The NAMC-MPX-QorIQ-P2020 is claimed to deliver the optimal blend of a low cost dual core processor board with high performance.

Fabric Support

  • Base Fabric

    The NAMC-MPX provides two GbE interfaces at port 0 and 1 of the common options region of the AMC backplane connector.

  • Fat Pipe

  • The NAMC-MPX offers four bidirectional serial lines that can be operated either as PCIe, SRIO, or a combination of both.

The NAMC-MPX-P2020 can be configured to implement either an x1 (port 4 or 8) or an x4 PCIe interface (ports 4-7 or ports 8-11). A further option is either two x1 (port 4 and 8) or one x4 SRIO interface(s) (port 4-7 or port 8-11). The speed is configurable for 1.25Gb/s, 2.5Gb/s or 3.125Gb/s.