The NAMC-ADSP is a multi-purpose (tele-)communication resource board in the AdvancedMC or AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) form factor, featuring either 8 or 16 Blackfin DSPs from Analog Devices.

The NAMC-ADSP is targeted at applications in communications environments with a need for high performance voice or data processing. The module is designed to process standard telecom algorithms, such as voice and data compression and decompression or DTMF detection and generation. The NAMC-ADSP is suitable for any voice/data application in any signaling or VoP solution such as in ISDN, SS7, ATM, VoIP, I-TDM, TDM, 3G or 4G environments.

The module is capable of handling individual timeslots transmitted via the I-TDM protocol over a Gigabit Ethernet backplane . The design is optimized for handling as many timeslots (TDM data) in parallel as possible. The TDM data streams are supplied by a standard I-TDM backplane interface located on port 0 and port 1 (redundant configuration) or port 8 of the AMC connector.