By default N.A.T. offers a two year warranty (the warranty period) on any product sold to customers, both hardware and software. Warranty extensions are available on request.

Warranty is void if the product is improperly handled or operated outside the specification as listed in the product’s documentation.

During the warranty period you have access to software upgrades and releases free of charge, however, limited to the software provided by N.A.T. for the respective particular hardware. For certain products N.A.T. maintains an automated notifiicaton service if and when updates become available.

Unless explicitly excluded, during the warranty period you may issue support requests by either sending an e-mail to support[at] or - if you are a registered user at the N.A.T. support portal - by logging in at the N.A.T. support portal.

In your request for support please provide the following information:

  • Product name

  • Product part number

  • Quantity

  • Serial number(s)

  • Reported problem

  • Additional information, i.e. operational environment, how to replicate the problem etc.

If your problem cannot be resolved by our support team, we will be happy to furnish you with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for the products in question.

Please wait for a response from N.A.T. before you return any product as unauthorized returns cannot be accepted and may be returned at your expense. 

RMA numbers may also be requested following this link.